Some Facts You Don’t Know About Apple!

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Some Facts You Don't Know About Apple
(Last Updated On: December 30, 2018)

Some Facts You Don’t Know About Apple

Apple is one of the most valuable banded company in the world. Apple is the biggest IT Company in the world if we talk about its revenue and total assets. But if we compare to smartphone manufacturer company. It is the third biggest mobile manufacturer company in the world. There are so many interesting facts about Apple which you don’t know. So, Here are Some Facts You Don’t Know About Apple!

Why Apple is the most valuable brand in the World?

This is because of Apple’s Company revenue. Apple earns 3 Lakhs dollar in every minute. Therefore, Apple is the most valuable brand in the world. There are soo many interesting facts about this valuable brand that you don’t know.

Some Facts You Don't Know About Apple

Some Facts You Don’t Know About Apple

  • Siri

Everyone knows that Siri is an assistant on Apple’s iPhones likewise Google Assistant on Android. But the interesting facts is when you talk to Siri it records your voice and store it in your device to analyze it later.

  • Always 9:41 AM on Apple’s iPhones Ads

Some Facts You Don't Know About Apple

Some Facts You Don’t Know About Apple

Have you ever noticed on any Apple’s iPhones Ads? If you have then you may have noticed the time on the phone screen. There is always 9:41 AM on the screen. The facts behind keeping this time on every Apple’s iPhone Ads is when steve jobs announce iPhone for the first time in 2007 January. During that event time on the iPhone was 9:41 AM. Hence, this is the facts that on every iPhone commercial video they made this 9:41 AM time on screen.

  • iPod

Some Facts You Don't Know About Apple

Some Facts You Don’t Know About Apple

Do you know the creator of iPod had gone to the company like Philips and real network with his ideas? But they refugees his idea. Later on, when he goes to Apple company, They like his idea very much. Then Apple Made iPod. But When Apple’s Engineers made iPod and show to steve jobs. He said this is a very big device and to make everything clear to his engineers he dipped iPod into the water. When he dipped iPod into the water tank, Water bubble started to appear. Steve Jobs said there is space in iPod so water bubble appears. we can make it smaller by removing those spaces. In this way, Steve Jobs explains how we can make iPod smaller.

  • Price of iPhone

You all know that iPhone is expensive compared to other phones. But if we travel to 1991 and buy an iPhone then the cost of iPhone at that time would be 3.56 Million dollars. Because at that time it would be difficult to make iPhone due to lacks of iPhone making technology.

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  • Apple’s terms and Conditions

If you have used Apple’s software called iTunes and haven’t read it’s terms and conditions. Then there is a line, “that you are not allowed to use Apple’s products to create nuclear weapons”. This means you cannot use Apple’s products to make nuclear weapons. This is also an Amazing fact that is written on Apple’s terms and conditions.

  • Getting Job in Apple’s Store

Do you know getting the job in Apple’s stores is harder than getting admission at Harvard University?. yes, getting a job in Apple store is harder.

  • Bullet Proof battery

The battery that comes with MacBook Pro is bulletproof. That means it can handle one bullet. Isn’t it interesting?

  • Apple App Store

In Apple App Store you can see 60% of the apps that are never downloaded till today’s date. This is the reasons that Apple’s App store always comes after the Google Play Store.

  • MacBook  Warranty

Never smoke in front of MacBook Air, MacBook Pro or MacMini because it voids MacBook Warrant. So try to keep your MacBook away from the smoke.

  • A Man in japan seated for 7 months behind iStore

A man on Japan came before 7 months in front of iPhone store to buy iPhone 6. This means 7 months before the launch of iPhone 6 he came and settled in front of the store.

  • Steve Jobs Salary

Some Facts You Don't Know About Apple

Some Facts You Don’t Know About Apple

When Steve Jobs was the CEO of Apple’s Company for the first time his salary was $1. He used to take $1 of 1-year salary. This is the reason why Steve jobs were the lowest paid CEO.

  • One iPhone contains 17 Elements from the Periodic table

If you have read the chemistry in science then you may know the terms periodic table. One iPhone is made from 17 Elements which are mentioned in the periodic table. This means 2/3 elements of the periodic table can be seen under one iPhone.

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Wrapping up

So, these were Some Facts You Don’t Know About Apple. If you know more facts about Apple’s which are not mentioned here then, please let us know them through the comment section below. I will be back will some more interesting facts about other companies as well. Stay tunned have a good day.

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