Online Shopping in Nepal

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Online Shopping in Nepal
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Hello! everybody, my good friend suggested me to write about the online shopping sites in Nepal. Because he also told me that it’s the hot and trending google key search from Nepal and have an easy chance to rank in top 20 post in the google. But I know it’s impossible without your help my friend. And I know your good heart will absolutely help me. since we know that our world is converting rapidly into the digital world.

Since we know that online shopping itself is fascinating enough. Shopping from your home is itself one of the blessings indeed. Further, you don’t even have to burn your energy during getting products you deserve. However,  It’s a quite beneficial tech to save your precious time and energy. Just a click from your smartphones or laptops can give you your desired products.

Requirements for Online Shopping in Nepal

Thanks to e-commerce, which redefined the way of business in such creative and comfortable ways. Online shopping apps in Nepal is a free process. You have to just save your personal details like name, address, phone number/mobile number, some basic information. And your credit/debit card information so that you don’t have to re-enter next time. Also, some of them just talk about your products price only after delivery like You can track the status of your order from where it has been shipped and whether it has reached your city or not?

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I will give my best to provide information and details about it so you can easily access and buy some goods from home. So, let’s talk today about the online site available in Nepal. There are many online shopping sites available in Nepal which base on multi-products as well as individual products websites. Multi-products websites provide you everything from clothes, home décor items, groceries, books, electronic gadgets to baby products, stationery items, etc. It’s known as hypermarket like in your city. Whereas individual one will only delivery you certain products as it has been specified.


List of the multi-products websites available in Nepal.

Compare the price of every store and get your best one.

Sites which are only dedicated to electronics and gadgets like television, refrigerator, washing machines, laptops, smartphones, etc. You can only get electronics and gadgets from here

Sites help you to buy a product from international shopping sites

Now I am explaining details about some of the online sites of Nepal so that you feel comfortable and easy to chose the best site for your shopping. And, I am placing the sites by its rank a type given by the users.

pay when you get it i.e home delivery and pay after delivering.


This is the biggest e-commercial site available in Nepal. Also, I suggest you get the product from this. Because it’s trustworthy, very easy to use, quick delivery. It contacts with the different suppliers available in Nepal and helps you to communicate with them. And also it provides you with voucher coupons so that you can get a discount while shopping. It delivers the product all over the world. It also provides the apps so that every first user get discount of 250 using a coupon DARAZ250. In addition, Its best part is that you just have to pay it after only delivering the product to you. However,  makes it safe shopping. Some of the other pay after home delivering sites are

Some of the categories in

  • electronic devices
  • electronic Accessories
  • TV & Home Appliances
  • Health & Beauty
  • Babies & Toys
  • Groceries & Pets
  • Home & Lifestyle
  • Women’s/Man’s Fashion
  • Watch & Accessories
  • Sports & Outdoor
  • Automotive & Motorbike


Hamrobazzar is a multi-purpose website from where you can buy and sell the product. No matter whether is brand new or used. For instance, Just get a deal with suppliers or costumes to buy and sell. Therefore, Its the biggest platform in Nepal to buy the new/second-hand product. But you have to deal buy your own way of payment.


You have to pay first using your credit/debit card before confirming the product to buy from other websites given in the list above





Online shopping sites in Nepal from where you can buy a product from the international market. According to my experiences, there are a lot of things which we cannot shop from Nepal. due to lack of resources, we get frustrated. As a result, these sites have become a key to us we can buy now. No matter whether it is available in our country or not.  So, I suggest you all shop from

Because it is trustworthy more than others. It only charges the delivery price. moreover after delivering you. For example, We can shop from Amazon, Flipkart, aliexpress, eBay, and many other sites from India and USA. For instance, you just have to give the link address of the product.

Therefore, the advantage of using iwishbag

  • Credit card & PayPal not required
  • Actual Weight Pricing
  • Fast & Reliable
  • Delivery Duty Paid
  • Personal Shopper from the physical shop of USA too
online shopping sites in nepal

online shopping sites in Nepal

This is also the best international shopping site. In other words, you can directly buy a product using your credit/debit card. However,  It’s a multi-purpose website.

similarly, other sites will also help you with shopping. But, I have just explained you the best one according to user data.

In conclusion, I will recommend you to have a safe shopping. Be aware of thugs and frauds. Check the product as soon as you get delivered. you may have got the wrong product you have the privilege to return it in the maintained time period.


I think I have tried my best to provide you with information about online shopping sites in Nepal. but if you have any confusion about it or want more detailed information please feel free to comment below. I will try my best to serve you. Thank You!

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