How To Root Honor 9 Lite and Install TWRP 3.2 Recovery on EMUI 8.0

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How To Root Honor 9 Lite and Install TWRP 3.2 Recovery on EMUI 8.0
(Last Updated On: December 13, 2018)

How To Root Honor 9 Lite and Install TWRP 3.2 Recovery on EMUI 8.0

Finally, Unofficial TWRP 3.2 for Honor 9 lite is available for EMUI 8.0. So, if you are thinking to customize your Honor 9 lite on EMUI 8.0, then it’s time to root your Android. Here you will get full details on How To Root Honor 9 Lite and Install TWRP 3.2 Recovery on EMUI 8.0. The TWRP 3.2 compiled by Pretoriano80 supports flashing zip files and it is notch friendly. We will guide you to root your honor 9 lite and install TWRP recovery through fastboot.

Some pros and cons of rooting


  • Rooting Honor 9 Lite let you mod your device as your desire.


  • You can remove bloatware available on EMUI 8.0


  • Remove unwanted system app.


  • You can mod the device with magisk modules.


  • Install custom ROMs


  • Rooting will void your warranty.


  • You cannot install future OTA Update.


  • Installing an APP with malware can leak your data easily.

If you still think rooting is beneficial for you then let’s start with the guide.

How to Root Honor 9 Lite 

Before getting started with rooting you need to unlock your Bootloader. To unlock the bootloader you need to get the bootloader to unlock code for your device. You may have heard that Huawei has stopped this service. They have stopped providing bootloader unlock code from their website. You can get the code via mail at [email protected] and [email protected] If are unable to get the code from Huawei customer support you need to use paid tool like DC Unlocker. Once you receive your code you are ready for rooting. Then we will install TWRP 3.2 on Honor 9 Lite running on EMUI 8.0.

Requirements before rooting Honor 9 Lite

There are some requirements before starting the rooting process:

  • Make a complete backup of Apps, contacts, Messages, Gallery file, and Internal storage files.


  • Charge your device to 80% above, to prevent interrupt on installing files.


  • Install Huawei Driver.


  • Enable Developer Options and turn on USB Debugging.


  • To connect your device in ADB fastboot mode enable OEM Unlock from Developer settings.


  • Unlock Bootloader to Fash TWRP.


Unlocking Bootloader of Honor 9 Lite:

Method 1: Official Method

2: Unofficial(Paid)

Download all  Required Files.

    1.  TWRP for Honor 9 Lite.


    1.  Magisk 17 or Moded Magisk for EMUI 8.0.


    1. ADB & fastboot tool.  



How To Install  TWRP Recovery On Honor 9 Lite


    • After completing all the process mentioned above (Requirements, Unlocking Bootloader, Downloading ADB and fastboot, TWRP and Magisk).


    • Copy file to ADB and fastboot folder in PC, then connect Android to the PC.


    • Hold Shift + Mouse Right Click and select open command prompts or PowerShell in Windows 10.


    • Now type these commands one by one in CMD.


 adb reboot bootloader: This command will reboot your device into fastboot mode.

fastboot flash recovery_ramdisk twrp_honor9_lite_0.1.img: This will flash TWRP recovery on your device.
  • Now Reboot your device by Holding Power button or use Fastboot reboot command.

  Flash Magsik and Root Honor 9 Lite on EMUI 8.0

After completing the TWRP installation process, you have to flash the latest Magisk. Download it from the Download section. Copy Magisk zip file to your internal storage.

Switch off your device and reboot into TWRP Recovery by Holding Vol up + Power off button. Install Magisk zip file from Install Menu. After flashing zip reboot your device. Now you can open Magisk App and verify root access. Finally, you have Rooted your Honor 9 Lite.

I hope you like this guide. If you still don’t understand how to root your Honor 9 Lite, just comment below I will surely try our best to help you.

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