How to Extend your WiFi Network using Android

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How to Extend your Wi-Fi Network using Android
(Last Updated On: December 23, 2018)

How to Extend your WiFi Network using Android

Today we are going to share a tutorial on How you can Extend your WiFi Network using Android. In simple I am talking about sharing your Wifi Network where there is weak signal around using the smartphone. This term is also known as Extending Wifi Network.

You will be glad to hear that most of the phones manufactured in 2018 come with the unique features called WiFi share or Bridge. And Sometimes WiFi Extend. Smartphones like Honor, Huawei, Xiaomi, Google Pixels, OnePlus, and LG etc. Has this unique features to be enabled in settings. This Function will convert your phone into WiFi Extender.

How WiFi Bridge or Extender works in Android

When you are connected to WiFi Network that may have Weak signal. If you face out of coverage on that WiFi Network. Simply enable this features and your smartphone will start to receive WiFi signals and Boost that Network and again retransmit it to its user. So you will not face Network Coverage problems.

So, I think you have clearly understood about Wifi Extend or WiFi Bridging.

In what cases will this WiFi Extend features be helpful?

Let me make you clear through this example: I think most of you guys have faced this problem as I did. So I am writing a Tutorial on it to help you people.


  • You want to connect to your WiFi Network, But you cannot connect to it because the number of devices already connected to it.
  • Sometimes due to weak WiFi Signals or out of Coverage. you are unable to connect to your WiFi Network on Laptop or iPhone.

So, In these two cases, you can use your Smartphone as a WiFi Extender or Repeater. Which directly receives WiFi Signals Boost it and Retransmit it to users. Using this feature you will be able to increase your network coverage. As well as you will be able to connect four more devices to your Network.

Isn't that interesting?

How to Extend your Wi-Fi Network using Android

You can setup it in just a couple of steps.

For demonstration, I am Using Honor 9 Lite.

  • First Go to Settings.
  • Wireless Network Connection.
  • Enable WiFi.
  • Connect to your WiFi Network.
  • Go to Tethering and Portable Hotspot.
  • Choose Second Option WiFi Bridge.
  • Enable WiFi Bridge Button.
  • Enter to setup mode to customize your WiFi SSID and Password.
  • Done.

Note: Unless you are connected to your WiFi Network, You won’t be able to select WiFi Bridge Options.

As Alsan WiFi Bridge is my Network name, so whatever will be your WIFi name it will appear on Name. You can Also Edit your SSID and Put differently from your Main Network.


So this was the tutorial on How to Extend your Wi-Fi Network using Android. I hope this tutorial was helpful to you. If you have any doubts or thoughts about this unique features of Android then let me know in the comment below. My Name is Alsan and Signing off for today.

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