Apple is going to launch sleep improving technology-iSheet

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Apple is going to launch sleep improving technology-iSheet
(Last Updated On: December 11, 2018)

Apple is going to launch sleep improving technology

As you know Apple is a trillion dollar company. This company has spent a lot on research and development. As of now, technology is growing faster a trillion dollar company has already made The Phones, laptops, smart watches and accessories. But now Apple started making A Blanket called iSheet.

What is iSheet?

An iSheet is a bed-sheet or you can also call it duvet or Blanket woven. iSheet has built-in sensors to monitor your sleep. This bed-sheet also helps in improving your sleep. They have a multi-sensor sleep system that can monitor your health condition. According to the company, iSheet can pick up hidden health problem and help you to sleep better.

What does iSheet include?

iSheet is a complete system that comprises of Sensor modules, a camera, a touch control panel and bed-sheet. The sensors implemented in measures your physiological activities. The piezo sensor in it generates multiple electrical sensors through the wave.

Breaking News: Apple is going to launch sleep improving technology-iSheet

The touchscreen control panel connected to iSheet displays the heart rate, breathing and body temperature of sleepers. The camera module on it monitors how the person sleeps from above. In the meantime, it also can give tips on how to get better and quality sleep.

Possibilities and recommendations of iSheet

Till the present date, there is no any equipment like this. such type of sleep monitoring can only be done through heavy equipment and machinery that are available at big hospitals. After the invention of iSheet, it can be very easy because this system uses miniature sensors that can be fit into your blankets, duvets or pillows as well.

Apple iSheet sleep improving technology

iSheet has a built-in facility to record all your sleep information and share. But it won’t share your personal records without consent. The user can also block or restrict their personal information from being assessed.

This type of technology can take years to be used commercially in a wide range. This idea is unique and I am sure that Apple will not let our hope be down. This technology idea is intriguing and hats off to Apple for investing in such a brand new innovation.


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