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My Digital Nepal(MyDigitalNepal.com) is a website that provides new and updated updates about technology. This website will introduce you to the new software as well as you will get faster updates about the new smartphone, their price, and specification in the Nepali market. We have the right to use the Internet with the help of this let’s make a way to enrich Nepal.

Nowadays the Internet is like our primary requirement. Internet connection is also required for every latest technology, news and even watching any serial you want. You might have thought that why do I say this?  Yes, I am telling this to all of you because my Digital Nepal (MyDigitalNepal.com) can be used to help you through online internet access, how to buy online goods in Nepal and what brand of mobile phones are available on Nepali market. we will also provide information about their expertise as well.

You can come here and read the article about the required subject. We’re always looking forward to helping you. If you need any help, you can join the comments section or visit our “Contact Us” page.

Alsan Parajuli

Hi there, I am a student of BSC Science. I love tech and try to create unbiased content, keeping in mind that everything has their own good and bad as I am a tech enthusiast. Besides these, I love to travel and read novels when I am free.

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