10 Useful Photography Tips for Beginners

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10 Useful Photography Tips for Beginners
(Last Updated On: December 16, 2018)

10 Useful Photography Tips for Beginners

Hello! What’s going on People?. It’s me Alsan Parajuli back with another photography tips for beginners. Are you willing to become a photographer?. If yes, but don’t have any DSLR or Camera. Then you are here at the right place. If you have a Smartphone with a good looking camera then you can be a photographer.

Yes, I am talking about mobile photography. Once upon a time cell phone camera was not so good but with the development in technical quality of smartphone camera has changed a lot.

Photography is not all about camera quality. You need to have some basic knowledge and techniques to get the best quality pictures. Here I will be sharing 10 Useful Photography Tips for Beginners.

Here,  are 10 mobile photography tips that will help you to improve your photography skills.

1. Photography is not all about expansive gears.

There are many people getting frustrated because of not having expansive gears for photography. Believe me!!! Or not but gears are nothing.. if you have a passion for photography. we can even achieve a great photo with our smartphone camera.

2. Find and create an interesting moment.

You cannot get an interesting moment all the time you need or want. So either you should wait and search for an interesting moment or create your self. You always need to concern about any type of interesting moment and capture them. But for a good feedback try finding a good moment.

10 Useful Photography Tips for Beginners

3. Search For Light source.

To get better quality photos you need to play with lighting. Lighting is very necessary for mobile photography. Always place a light source behind and above you. In some cases, you can use light in front of you as well. Choosing an angle is important and focusing is necessary. Use a light source to get perfect shot all the time.

10 Useful Photography Tips for Beginners

4. Choosing Right settings and Modes.

In 2018 most of the smartphone have different kinds of settings and modes. So while choosing the subject you need to set your camera settings on right mode. Before taking any shots first make sure that much light is entering the camera sensor. Phones like Huawei, Honor, Xiaomi, pixel, and OnePlus have a bunch of modes in settings.

Here are few commonly used modes in the smartphone.

  • Wide Aperture: This mode is actually used for close up shots. If you want to take a closeup picture of an object then use this wide Aperture mode to get perfect images. When you activate this mode you can see a button for adjusting the lens Aperture of a camera and a slider lets you to increase or decrease the blurrier background of the subject.

10 Useful Photography Tips for Beginners

  • Night ModeWhen there is less light source or a low light conditions activate night mode to take awesome shots. You can take landscape or cityscape shot through this mode.

10 Useful Photography Tips for Beginners

  • Portrait Mode: In portrait mode, your camera will identify the faces and beautify them and rest of the background will be blurred out to give Bokeh style photography. It also helps to enhance the color in the foreground.

10 Useful Photography Tips for Beginners

  • AR LensAR Lens is used to add cool effects, add objects and modify backgrounds while snapping selfies.

10 Useful Photography Tips for Beginners

5. Use The Rule of Third

This is the most useful role that is commonly used in photography. You can create a good view of a subject by applying this awesome rule. It helps you to take balanced and engaging photos. If you make good composition on photos it will please your eyes.

This rule is applied in the photo through vivisection. Just take 2 vertical and 2 horizontal line and divide the frame into nine equal parts as shown in the figure.

10 Useful Photography Tips for Beginners

6. Don’t take photos by zooming it.

If you took zoom photos from mobile it will give you low-quality image. In every smartphone, there is a digital zoom. Digital zoom never provides you with a good quality photo. Optical zoom is different it uses hardware but the digital zoom is just through software components. If possible get closer to subject and capture photos. Never use digital zooming this will never give perfect and good resolution pictures.

10 Useful Photography Tips for Beginners

7. Never  Use Flash

Never use flash? Yes, you read it correctly. Never use the mobile flash as a light source in photography. The flash of the phone will not perform a task perfectly which leads to losing natural color of the subject. Getting a bad photo through flash is better than getting no any photos.

8. Change Your Perspective.

I would like to suggest to those people who used to take photos in a standing position, try changing some postures and position to get a different test. Because the same photo in different positions can give the different test. It is easy to change the position in mobile photography because it’s not so heavy as digital cameras. So always try to take pictures of the same subject from different positions.

10 Useful Photography Tips for Beginners

9. Black & White pictures

If you want to avoid background noise, black and white is a very smart trick to avoid poorly exposed photos. Every shoot will not work properly on black and white, but if you use a light source in perfect condition then you will get something special. So monochrome color can give a huge advantage.

10 Useful Photography Tips for Beginners

10. Always post process your photos.

Post-processing simply means performing some basic edits like color corrections, cropping, and rotations. This is not an evil work most of the photographer post-process photos. Some apps like PicsArt, Lightroom, Photoshop etc can help you in post-processing. This will really help you to improve the quality of photos.


The beautiful mind can make beautiful photographs. Always think before you take a snap. The above mentioned 10 tips and tricks will help beginners to improve their photography skills. If you Keep your passion for photography then first learn through Smartphone. If you have any doubts or queries please feel free to contact us in the comment section below.

“Stay Happy, Stay Cool”

I hope you all liked it. Keep Supporting us!!!

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